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Teacher Guidelines

This section of the website introduces potential users to the schemes of work, lesson plans and visual database that form the core of the training materials. The materials are experimental and teachers and trainers who use them will have to adapt them to their own educational circumstances.  Hopefully, they will improve teacher training in art and citizenship and subsequently have a positive impact on schooling at upper primary and secondary school levels. The introduction to this section, written by the project director, informs potential users about the educational philosophy behind the Images and Identity project and the interdisciplinary learning approach. It includes separate guidelines, or statements of principles for citizenship and visual arts, together with a list of interdisciplinary learning objectives. The section includes guidelines for working with digital media during creative art activities and for using the image bank. The schemes of work and lessons included in these training materials encourage learners to make connections between their own and other peoples’ experience, learn to live positively with cultural similarities and differences and increase their knowledge and understanding of shared European values. Teachers and trainers who plan to use them are advised to read the information in this section together with the action research reports thoroughly before they introduce them into their own teaching.

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