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Schemes of  work and lesson plans

This section of the website contains nineteen schemes of work that national coordinators selected for publication following evaluation of the action research. All the schemes address the project theme of Images and Identity and explore one or more of the following citizenship topics: diversity, human rights, democracy or law. Whereas citizenship education is frequently understood as being concerned with increasing awareness of political procedures and institutions the schemes focus on developing citizenship attitudes and values and a greater appreciation of Europe.  Each scheme consists of an introduction and between three to six lesson plans organized around the production and/or appreciation of one or more visual image/s. The majority reference images in the visual database and encourage pupils to use the Internet to carry out research to obtain more images and information. Whereas the emphasis in the creative activities is on using digital media (especially digital photography, video and web-based techniques) some lessons employ traditional art media and materials like drawing and painting, or a combination of these. Of the eighty lessons included in the schemes the majority can be free-standing or mixed and matched, but in some schemes (as indicated) the lessons should be taught sequentially. The scheme called Talking about Images contains written guidelines for engaging children in critical discussion of visual images.

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