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Action research reports

This section of training materials consists of detailed case studies of the development, implementation and evaluation of six schemes of work. The schemes are called Family and Citizenship, Freedom and Identity, Mapping Identity, Personal and Group Identity, Landmarks and Greetings from Europe. Each case study is a comprehensive account of the action research one team carried out in a particular learning environment. They adhere to the standard format for reporting action research in that they explicate the educational context, identify curriculum problem/s the team and/or school sought to address, describe the research in action, and reflect on changes made as a consequence and lessons learned. The case studies are comprehensive records of how Images and Identity project themes have been translated into practice in classroom situations. They provide useful insights into how to teach the lessons in these schemes and include discussion of the successes and failures of teams along the way. Thus, they will be helpful for teachers and trainers who plan to implement these training materials in their own educational contexts.

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