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Name: Pierre Portelli
Title: Mewga
Year: 2007
Medium: 128 cone speakers, speaker flex, aluminium pipes,
CD player, amplifier, 'Samsara' poem by Simone Inguanez,
book in honey, glass box
Photographic credits: Pierre Portelli
Owen by: Pierre Portelli
Copyright: Pierre Portelli
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Pierre Portelli is a Maltese installation artist who works in different media.  In 'Mewga' (meaning 'wave') he works with sound and language.  Portelli's native language, Maltese, is of Semitic origin, and hence grammatically close to Arabic, which is spoken in neighbouring countries.  This work explores the kinship in the linguistic heritage of two southern Mediterranean countries.  The installation is composed of two audio channels.  On one channel, Maltese poetry is recited, while on the other, the Tunisian Arabic equivalent is recited simultaneously.  Some Maltese words of Semitic origin coincide with their Arabic counterparts, while others do not.
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