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Name: Norbert Francis Attard
Title: Where are you from?
Year: 2008
Medium: Photographic installation
Photographic credits: Norbert Francis Attard
Owen by: Norbert Francis Attard
Copyright: Norbert Francis Attard
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Norbert Francis Attard is a contemporary Maltese artist whose works have been exhibited internationally. In 2008, he photographed fifty Maltese citizens and printed each photograph on a very large scale, like billboards.  This massive collection of portraits was installed in Freedom Square in Valletta, the capital city of Malta.  The photographs were backlit at night.  'Where are you from?' challenges preconceptions about physical appearance and 'race'.  Like many other people from other countries, some Maltese may think that they are physiognomically distinct, i.e. that their features are unique or different from those of others they perceive as 'different'.  Perceptions like these have often led to racist assumptions and feelings of superiority.  Attard's installation seems to ask: Does a similar passport make us all the same?
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