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Dakic - Autoportrait_thumb.jpg
Name: Danica Dakic
Title: Autoportrait
Year: 1999
Medium: Video-Installation
Photographic credits: Danica Dakic
Owen by: Danica Dakic
Copyright: Danica Dakic
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Danica Dakic was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina and came to Duesseldorf in 1988 where she became a student of Nam June Paik at the art academy. Her video-installation “Autoportrait” shows a head of a woman that has no eyes but two mouths. The upper mouth is telling a German fairytale, the lower a Bosnian one. Two voices are to be heard but only one face is to be seen. The artist puts into question her own identity as a migrant between Bosnia and Germany. Today she moves between both countries, while during the Bosnian war she lived in Germany.
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