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Action research

The schemes of work published in these training materials developed from action research conducted in upper primary, middle and secondary schools. Collaborative teams of higher education staff, teachers and student teachers in each participant country conducted the research in school classrooms over a period of one year. The teams designed and tested out art-based schemes of work organized around the project’s learning objectives and a visual resource of images compiled by the national coordinators. They evaluated the schemes and associated lessons on an ongoing basis and at the end, they were peer reviewed.  This section of the website contains summary reports of the action research in each country written by the national coordinators. The reports present overviews of how the national teams responded to the project themes and of the lesson activities they developed and evaluated. They summarize key findings and comment on where the content and methods differed and/or overlapped. Because the action research was the first step in developing the training materials, these reports conclude with suggestions and recommendations for what to include in the final product.

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